HMAS Canberra

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    HMAS Canberra is in Hobart for the ANZAC Day weekend. ANZAC stands for Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. Our troops were deployed to Gallipoli in Turkey 100 years ago this week - so it has been a week of commemoration and dawn services.

    I was out this morning briefly to capture some shots of this ski-jump styled aircraft carrier. Two of these images are using a new technique for me - blended luminosity masks. For those new to this as well there is a tutorial here:


    To my eye its a good way to increase the dynamic range of an image without the harshness or painterly effect of HDR.

    Camouflage: 1/320th, F9, ISO 640 (for the long lens), 400mm cropped - single image.


    HMAS Canberra at the Cruise Ship Terminal: 1/40th, F9, 70mm, ISO 100, cropped - two images blended via luminosity mask +- 1EV.


    Sunlight on the aerials: 400mm, F9, 1/800th (my ultralight tripod wobbles), ISO 1600- two images blended via luminosity mask +- 1EV. Used auto alignment in PS - as board was swaying slightly. Difficult to hand the pitch and roll.


    The tower and the Ski jump: 1/320th, F9, 230mm, IS0640 - single image as the boat movement made the images impossible to align. Even though the matte is quite simple the aerial on the deck made it impossible to deal with.

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    Those are some great shots, nicely done.
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    Oct 11, 2012
    Last one is very nice IMHO ;)
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