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Sep 5, 2011
I do not have immediate plans to acquire a NEX camera but it certainly is intriguing to consider. I presently am primarily shooting Micro 43 although with some compacts as well and I used to shoot Canon Digital (and before that Canon and Contax film cameras). I really appreciate the compactness of the Micro 43 cameras with lens and while the sensor size for the NEX may preclude equally compact AF compact lenses for some use (low-light night club for example) the NEX's low-light capabilities has my attention and so I will consider adding to my digital tools.


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Sep 8, 2011
Northern Virginia, USA
Welcome Novaron, I am also from Northern Virginia and recently acquired a NEX-5N. I also have been primarily shooting with micro 4/3rds using an Olympus Pen E-pl1 and a Nikon D90 before that (still have the D90, though and not sure if I should sell or keep). I moved to the Pen to have something a lot smaller and lighter to carry around. After having the NEX-5N for a couple of weeks I can state its been a real joy to use. Even smaller then the PEN, yet easier to shoot with manual lenses (IMO).

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