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Sep 1, 2011
Did I sign up just cause of the giveaway? Well, okay, maybe I did. But Amin runs a great ship over at mu-43 so why not. I've wanted to want a NEX for some time now, but find myself held back by the lack of decent glass. A soft pancake and a kit zoom don't quite hit the spot. Maybe once the telezoom comes out this year.Sony's equipment also seems to be rather expensive and rather proprietary (eg flash hotshoe). On the other hand, I think Sony's doing bodies a lot better than Oly/Panny so I'm curious to see what happens once the lenses arrive to back it up. Assuming they're not gigantic...
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Just look. Despite bigger lenses, Sony's wound up with a smaller camera just because they're not as stupid as Oly about body design. (See: E-PL3: skinny body with deep lens mount.) And the NEX-7 is the interchangeable-lens camera James Bond would have.

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