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Help with an older vintage flash.


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Aug 27, 2012
Milwaukee, WI
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Ok, so I came across this in a closet and forgot I had it. Got it way way back, never used it. My 5n will be here this week, along with a JJC hot shoe adapter. I hear these adapters are hit or miss, but would be interested in using it to trigger some off camera stuff.

I looked all over the net and cant even find one shred of info about this flash, It is a Rokinon 2600 Auto according to the label on the front.
On to the questions. I have no idea how to set this thing up. The T S N W switch also moves the M/ft gauge seen right above it. The shutter speed switch moves the F stop gauge seen right below it. The zoom on the flash head has the indications of W-28 in white lettering, N-35 in yellow, S-50 in blue, and T-85 in green. These correspond to the TSNW markings and colors on the lower switch. The switch on the bottom left is a 3 position with a blue dot on the left, yellow dot in the middle, and a "M" on the right, guessing that's for manual mode. I put batteries in my Canon SLR to test and this is a fully working flash, just a little beat up. Hoping I can use it to to tinker with OCF stuff and keep the cost low.

I couldn't even find a picture of anything like this, would love to read a manual for a similar unit, but I have been coming up empty handed. I'll post a few phone pics for reference. Thanks for any help somebody could give with this setup. My old flash was pretty straight forward to setup, but sold it off when I had lost interest in the rising cost of developing fees, and entering digital.

If I can provide any other info to help just let me know.

SPH-D710    ---    4mm    f/2.7    1/106s    ISO 40

SPH-D710    ---    4mm    f/2.7    1/110s    ISO 40


TalkEmount All-Pro
Aug 23, 2012
Would that stand for Tele Standard Normal and Wide ??? Sure Standard and Normal would be a bit of the same thing; It makes senses tho when you see it labels W at 28 and N at 35, my guess is S will be 50, and tele maybe 70 or 80 ??

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