Help with a good everyday lens.

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Lenses' started by gmutt26, Jan 20, 2015.

  1. gmutt26

    gmutt26 TalkEmount Regular

    May 14, 2013
    Sel24,1670 or 18200. I need a good lens. I like the look of these 3 and coming from a nex6 I had the silver 18200 and it was great except the size and weight. I had a 35 and didn't get on with it as a walk around as it was too close to everything. This is why the 24mm has always appealed to me but I am worried with it not having oss with taking photos of my daughter who never stays still. Any help will be great. I have £400 to spend

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  2. Amamba

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    Apr 13, 2013
    SE MI
    OSS is to prevent camera shake at slow shutter speeds. Helps with handshake at all speeds, really. Does nothing for running kids.

    1670 is imho way overpriced for the IQ it delivers. If you're OK with 24mm, you're probably better off with it + a decent 18-55 copy. I have 18-105 and while it's better than 18-55 it's not that much better, and 16-70 is roughly similar.

    Just my $.02...
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  3. gmutt26

    gmutt26 TalkEmount Regular

    May 14, 2013
    Thanks. I am gonna pick up the black 1855 and then maybe save for the 24mm. Thanks

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  4. Alex66

    Alex66 TalkEmount Regular Subscribing Member

    Dec 23, 2014
    If you are worried about the 24 not being right have you tried putting a bit of tape on your lens to keep it at that focal length? Wander around for a day or so to see how it works out, just use something like masking tape that leaves no residue.
  5. michelb

    michelb TalkEmount Veteran

    Oct 27, 2013
    Greater Montreal area in Quebec, Canada
    Michel Brien
    I had similar worries and made some experiments

    First, you need to know i was a film shooter used to ISO 100-400 and i don't like changing lenses in the outdoors ( wind/dust etc)
    All pictures or linked albums below are direct out of camera jpeg's with no PP that i can remember
    The albums i linked have a full day's pics so all the pics i took are actually there unless it was badly missed

    First i experimented on a walk day doing sightseeing in Quebec city with only NEX-7 and Zeiss 24mm trying to figure if i could do some interesting shooting with this very light combo. It was late afternoon and early evening in November so it got dark pretty fast. I boosted the ISO and shot and even though these are not all masterpieces, i was pretty happy with the results for such a light combination since all were hand held shots ( and there is no OSS on this lens) but i did on occasion find a wall or lamp post to help stabilize my 57 year old hands. The picture of my daughter was the only one taken with the built-in flash ( a real flash is really much better) as it even shows the shadow of the lens shade.

    example and link to Flickr album where you can check all sizes:[email protected]/sets/72157649983362619/


    Following summer, Back to the same town with the same set-up to begin the tour( but i had the Sony 10-18 and Tamron 18-200 in my bag) but i ended up using the 24 for most shots inside at the beginning of the day and then switched to the Tamron to see how i would feel about it ( nice but somewhat too long for such a walk. This time it was either rinsed (church in available light ) or some scenery. Never got the 10-18 out and since i was also carrying a flash, the bag was kind of heady at mid-day.

    Pic with the 24, Link to the full album:[email protected]/sets/72157650334001076/

    Pics with the 18-200 Tamron (inside, i guess OSS really helped on this one ) and full album here:[email protected]/sets/72157650391799701/

    My conclusion for general picture taking is that this 24mm ( i now use 35mm on full frame which is pretty close) has a lot of possibilities and made me re-think a bit that taking pictures is first and foremost trying to see with new eyes. In the time i used the 24, sure i did see stuff i could not take but it made me look at the scenes in a way that i actually looked at other ways to portray what i was seeing.
    Zooms are nice and looking at the EXIF of the pictures i took with it were all over the focal range so this is another way to have fun with picture taking and challenge yourself.
  6. dannat

    dannat TalkEmount Regular

    Jun 22, 2014
    the zeiss 24 had way too much CA for me- had to be stopped down 2 stops -seems they are relying totally on in-cam lens correction -my sigma lens are much better tin this respect -can be used wide open, the 30 is a great small size
  7. gmutt26

    gmutt26 TalkEmount Regular

    May 14, 2013
    Ok so the more I read about the 24 the more it seems it's a great all rounder. My only worry is not having oss and If I will find that annoying.

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