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    Hello to all here!

    I've been lurking here the past few weeks ever since I bought a used NEX 5 with the kit zoom. This forum seems to be a place with lots of friendly and helpful people and I hope I can be one of them, too.

    So far, I've been playing around with my NEX 5 a bit - just getting used to it and its quirks. (The menu driven system is driving me nuts... :biggrin:) I am impressed with the camera and the ability to use my old lens on it. I've bought adapters for Nikon and Minolta MD lens and a wireless flash trigger to use off-camera flash. A 19mm Sigma just arrived in the mail, and I am really impressed with what this lens can do on the NEX.

    Ever since I was little, I enjoyed "taking pictures," but I really got into it when I took an Intro to Photography class in college. I have quite a few cameras that I use, from a 78 year old Kodak Retina to a Nikon D90 and shoot several different formats in film from the tiny Minox to medium format.

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    Hi Ken, welcome to the forum. Fellow Nikon shooter here too, I like it when I can use my old Nikon lenses on both systems.