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Hello from a female French hobbyist


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Aug 23, 2012

Hi guys

I'm a long time SLR, and later DSLR user, who recently (last February) got into mirrorless, through an (excellent, I love it !) Panasonic GX-1.
Being an FF shooter as well, and a portraitist mainly, obsessed with DOF control, I've decided to give NEX a spin after the leaked NEX6 rumor and pictures.
I just grabbed a NEX 5N off ebay in Germany (I live in France) and should have it within a week.
I mostly plan to use legacy lenses with it, as I'm having a hard time getting critical focus with them and the GX-1 (despite having the external viewfinder).
I'm *extremely* curious of the Focus Peaking feature, which is the primary reason I'm trying a NEX.
Of course, APS-C sensor is a bonus over m4/3, so I'm looking forward to getting good results with that as well.
I will get the 18-55 to try, and who knows, this combo might replace my GX-1 as walk-around cam on trips ?
I'm a very heavy shooter, about 1K shots a month, my family travels quite a bit and I love making portraits of our not quite 4 yr old daughter daily.

I'm also a horse lover and owner and shoot those animals a lot. I'm a strict jpeg shooter (and often get flamed for it, lol).
I interact quite a bit on the m4/3user forum which I find wonderfully friendly, and hope to be contributing here as well.

I have a little blog that is rather photo centric and that you might want to check out :
A special summer | itsnotthecamera
Hope to see you there !


TalkEmount All-Pro
Feb 4, 2012
New Zealand
Welcome nianys! If you're into legacy glass, I think you will enjoy the 5N very much.

I shoot jpeg only... I haven't been flamed in this forum... yet! :D


TalkEmount Hall of Famer
Jun 18, 2012
GX1 and NEX...hmmm that sounds familiar...where have I seen that before? :)

Welcome and hope to see many more images. I find myself increasingly using my NEX. Still very much like my GX1 but the NEX and legacy glass is really pretty fun. My favorites are Konica Hexanons and NEX. They really seem to compliment one another. I think you'll find focus peaking a really elegant way to manually focus. It took me a few days to get really comfortable with it but once I did I can't imagine using legacy lenses any other way. FWIW my nine year old and my dogs are favorite targets.

<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/dixeyk/7720743872/" title="The Hangover by dixeyk, on Flickr">
"1024" height="681" alt="The Hangover"></a>


TalkEmount Regular
Jul 8, 2012
Welcome nianys. I too started from m43 and now using a nex5n with legacy glass. After using the Nex with legacy glass with it's focus peaking feature, it's hard to beat! I kept the EP3 for it's native AF lenses. Of late I find I've been picking the 5n all the time for my shoots.


TalkEmount Top Veteran
Aug 25, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Real Name
Phoenix Gonzales
Hi and welcome Nianys

I think you will have a lot of fun using the 5N, (imho) its the most versatile out of the current NEX models (I havent had the chance to play around with the 6 yet so I can only compare it with the current models), and as far the the focus peaking goes, I reckon you'll be pleasantly surprised once you start using it as there's nothing quite like it, well...almost, though Canon pioneered the technology and Ricoh utilises it was well they havent had the acclaim Sony has. It is to my understanding that both Canon and Ricoh uses focus peaking as a confirmation on screen tool rather than Sony is doing which is using focus peaking as a method of focusing, this coupled with the ease of adapting lenses, you have got yourself a truly modular system. I think you'll have a lot of fun times ahead :)

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