Hello a new NEX user from Lithuania

Discussion in 'Welcomes and Introductions' started by Mystic, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Mystic

    Mystic TalkEmount Regular

    Dec 7, 2012
    My background was Pentax dslrs, well one of them I still own, and will keep, but a new NEX will be more often with me, than anything else.
    I just bought a Nex-6 and just joined this community.
    So hi, to all :)
  2. eno789

    eno789 TalkEmount Top Veteran

    Jan 1, 2012
    NoCal, USA
    Hi Mystic, welcome!
    What lens(es) do you like to use on the NEX-6?
    Looking forward to your pictures.
  3. Bimjo

    Bimjo Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Oct 28, 2011
    Washington State
    Welcome Mystic. I think us Pentax shooters are outnumbered around here. ;)
  4. Dioptrick

    Dioptrick TalkEmount All-Pro

    Feb 4, 2012
    New Zealand
    Welcome mystic! :)
  5. garethwi

    garethwi TalkEmount Regular

    Sep 2, 2011
    Welcome aboard
  6. kevistopheles

    kevistopheles TalkEmount All-Pro

    Jun 18, 2012
    Welcome Mystic!
  7. ChangshaNotes

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    Aug 15, 2012
    Hello Mystic.
  8. nianys

    nianys TalkEmount All-Pro

    Aug 23, 2012
    Love your pseudo, welcome !
  9. freddytto

    freddytto TalkEmount All-Pro

    Dec 2, 2011
    Puebla, Mexico
    Bravo, we have more new people joining the group, let me give you the welcome and hope you feel very well here with us, enjoy your nex6 and hope to see some of your photos. Cheers
  10. Phoenix

    Phoenix TalkEmount Top Veteran

    Aug 25, 2011
    Melbourne, Australia
    Phoenix Gonzales
    Hi and welcome Mystic

    One of the reasons the NEX is such a popular system is the ability to easily adapt 3rd party lenses, you may want to look into a Pentax to NEX adapter for your Pentax lenses ;)
  11. NickCyprus

    NickCyprus Super Moderator

    Oct 11, 2012
    Welcome from me too ;)