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Have you got the Alpha logo and the buzzing sound...


TalkEmount Rookie
Sep 6, 2011
...when you turn off your NEX-5N?

Since the last firmware update, an Alpha logo is displayed when you turn off the NEX-5, but that's not the case with the 5N.

I may have seen the alpha logo at the start up the first time I turned on the camera. Since then I have never seen the alpha logo on the screen of my 5N, is it normal?

Another thing is when I turn on or off my NEX-5, I can hear a buzzing sound (the sensor cleaning system I think). My 5N doesn't produce that sound, is it the same for yours?

I tried to run the cleaning mode manually but I couldn't hear a thing. On my "old" NEX-5, I can hear the buzzing sound when I do that.

Is it because the cleaning system is now ultrasonic on the 5N that I can't hear anything?


TalkEmount Hall of Famer
Aug 30, 2011
The NEX-5N has a new firmware, so it wouldn't be any surprise if they dropped the Alpha logo - or at least just forgot to add it.

As far as the sound is concerned, the NEX-5 relies on a dated sensor shake system, which also is used in the NEX-3/C3. The NEX-5N uses a new system which is way more effective. That it's silent is just a side effect.

So don't worry - just go out shooting and have fun! :)

Btw. one question: Have you sold your NEX-5? I love the new features on the 5N, but I just can't justify spending 600 again after just one year ... I'll probably wait for the next generation or just grab the NEX-7 as "real" upgrade.

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