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Hands-on with SEL18200 - Wow! Now that's small! :O


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Aug 30, 2011
I recently tried out the 18 - 200 mm SEL18200 at the local camera store (well, "local" means to drive some hours in Austria ;)) and was VERY surprised just how small it was! I was threatened by pictures where it looks giant and by tests continually telling me it's too front-heavy. Reality is: It's about the same size (maybe some mm shorter) than most other 18-200mm lenses for APS-C-sized sensors. You probably already know that, but if you still haven't tried it out and want a tele lens, just do it.

The build quality of the lens is outstanding. Outstanding from all other super zooms. I really like it! The zoom ring is a bit stiff, and it's really, really slooow at the tele end (tested at reasonable bright daylight) but I think most can live with this issue, as it performs nice (from what I've seen in tests). Well worth the money, and, if you also shoot video, sure a better choice than the upcoming 55-210 mm.

Just wanted to share my thoughts. Hope somebody finds this helpful and tries out the SEL18200 by him-/herself. ;)

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