Hand-Held Twilight vs Anti-Motion Blur

Richard Crowe

TalkEmount Top Veteran
Sep 14, 2018
I am wondering what the difference is between these two "SCENE" variations. Both of which seem to help stabilize the camera during low light slow shutter speed shooting.
Both Hand Held Twilight and Anti Motion Blur boost the camera ISO and combine multiple exposures to downplay the noise created. The only difference that I can see between these two techniques is that the Anti Motion Blur boosts the ISO higher than Hand Held Twilight. Does it also result in a faster shutter speed?
If you use either of these techniques, how would you choose between the two.
As an example, hand held shooting of lit Halloween decorations in a yard at night. If the decorations are not moving, should I choose Hand Held Twilight and if the decorations are animated and moving, choose Anti Motion Blur?
Will these techniques make use of the widest shutter speed available on my lens?

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