Greys Court House and Gardens, Henley-on-Thames, UK

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    So a couple of weekends ago the Wife and I took a little tour or the South to visit relatives and friends, and as usual made use of our National Trust membership along the way.

    We stopped here one morning and had a lovely walk around the estate, followed by a bite to eat in the café and then a trundle around the gardens.

    I took only the SEL1650 and my SLRMagic35mm (figured it has to be used sometimes!).

    I only really took pics around the gardens and all with the SLRMagic apart from the last one. It's a truly funky lens, but good for close work and character. It's naturally quite low contrast, and vignettes a fair bit in the top right, but it's all part of it's charm.

    So here we go...



    This was a lovely sculpture, with a long text engraved on the back paying homage to the gardeners that look after Greys Court



    This was the centrepiece of a maze (just bricks laid to lawn, no actual walls). Was quite tricky mind!

    Walking behind the Wife I just snapped this without framing or anything, just held the camera vaguely in front of me and hit the shutter. No straightening/cropping, just a tweak of contrast and balanced the top left vignette to match the top right the lens gives anyway. I really like the dreamy feel it has...



    Hope you all enjoyed! If you are ever passing by Reading/Henley way and have an hour or 2 to spare I definitely recommend popping into this place. The house is also open and quite interesting to look around.
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    What a lovely place to hang out for a bit
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