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Greetings all

Brandon Jackson

TalkEmount Rookie
Jun 25, 2020
Hello from Nashville, TN!

I have been shooting for about 35 years and have recently transitioned from Olympus to Sony FF. The timing may look like it was driven by the recent announcement about Oly's imaging division being sold off (it didn't help) but I have been toying with either getting a medium format system to add to my m43 gear OR move to a mirrorless FF system. After a lot of research it looked like I could move into Sony relatively inexpensively via A7R II so that's where I'm starting out. This way I'm not supporting two disparate systems and still getting some files that rival medium format. :)

Nuff about that.. :)

I'm a headshot and portrait photographer but like many photographers, I dabble in other areas too such as product, sports, and other areas. You can see my work at my website, https://www.brandonjacksonphoto.com . Nice to meet you guys :)


TalkEmount Top Veteran
Jan 30, 2016
Real Name
Rae Leggett
Hello Brandon! Good to meet you. I looked at your site - you do good work!

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