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green stuff


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Oct 28, 2011
Washington State
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Living large in the seam of the driveway. Or rather, living small. I jokingly refer to the fact that while I live in Washington State, which is known as "the Evergreen State", the part I live in is referred to as "the Nevergreen State". Why? Because as long as it has been recorded our average rainfall is 7 inches/year, contrasted with Seattle which averages 37.5 inches/year (which is less than NY City BTW).

Visiting the we(s)t side of the state moss is a common commodity. Not so much here. However, over the last 5 years we have gotten more than our average rainfall, to the point that we are starting to see moss here as well.

These are cropped, shot with the 5N and the CV35 @ f/8 mounted on a LTE helicoil.

NEX-5N    ----       f/1.0    1/25s    ISO 100

NEX-5N    ----       f/1.0    1/13s    ISO 100

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