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Granville Island, Vancouver BC


TalkEmount Regular
Nov 9, 2011
wet coast canada
I recently received my NEX adapters and was waiting for the weekend to try them out. With DST it is dark both ways on my commute to work and I was lucky that the rains stopped. No matter that it was a grey day but I had a lens in each pocket and you may be interested in the results . I had breakfast in Kitsilano (district of Vancouver) and walked over the Granville Street bridge northbound towards the downtown business district . All photos using the NEX-5n

16mm pancake: 80 s f 6.3 iso: 100

Voightlander 21mm F4 LTM: 125 s f 4.0 (wide open) iso: 100

Voightlander 21mm F4 LTM: 80 s f 8.0 iso: 100


I walked to a slightly different perspective and give you this first shot as a reference to the next shot. Pay attention to the yellow building

Voightlander 21mm F4 LTM: 160 s f 8.0 iso: 100

Nikkor Ai 105mm 2.5 F mount: 500 s F 2.5 (wide open) iso: 100


Sony SEL1855: @ 18mm 80 s f 8.0 iso: 100

Sony SEL1855: @ 35mm 80s f 8.0 iso: 100

Sony SEL 1628: 200 s f 5.0 iso: 100

Sony SEL1855: @ 55mm 125 s f 5.6 iso: 100

I tried to give you a feeling for the lenses taken wide open & about half stopped down. I found that the 18-55 kit lens is much better than I had thought and never used it until today. The 16mm pancake is a bit soft.


edit: * * * * to add behind the scene video, using NEX-5n, 18-55 kit lens


Amin Sabet

Aug 6, 2011
Thanks for the samples! I've found that the 18-55 and 16 are both better than I was expecting based on reviews.


TalkEmount Regular
Dec 1, 2011
Thanks for the samples! I have the 18-55, and I'm looking for a 16mm (used and cheap...). I have an adapter for my canon lenses... I like this camera (the NEX...) more each day...

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