Got myself an A7(upgrade from NEX-5N) - Few questions

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Cameras' started by tsk1979, Jun 26, 2014.

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    Jun 26, 2014
    I was a D7000 and a Nex 5N(both have same sensor!) shooter
    Nex 5N was sold!
    A7 kitcomes home!

    D7000 stays(its a good cam and I have decent glass 11-16).
    I am also going to get the Samyang/Rokinon 14mm F2.8 for astro and maybe even the 35mm 1.8 sometime in the future.

    I also bought a timer remote (35$) as I do not like apps etc., for my timelapse shooting.

    Other accessories :

    Battery charger and extra battery. Its good to be able to use cell phone charger... but not practical to lock down camera while battery is charging
    Questions for ya

    1. I will shoot time lapses. Is there a way to switch off EVF and the screen both to extract extra battery life
    2. The sony battery grip claims to be hot swap. In that case I can own 2 batteries + grip which will allow me to swap out depleted battery since it uses the battery with lower charge first. Is its easy to figure out which battery is being used right now? Could not find much info on the grip online
    3. I plan to mount my Samyang 8mm fisheye emount. I know I know I can use it in crop mode. but if I do not switch on crop mode I will get a circular image. I prefer to do cropping in PP. No issues with that, right?
    4. LA-EA4. Light loss is 1/3 stop? What does it mean. Does it mean that in a scene where I would require lets say 10 seconds exposure I would require 13 seconds exposure instead everything else remaining same?
    5. How is the dust clearing system. Does it work well like it does on Olympus cameras?
    6. Any good third party flash links for casual shooter?

    My First impressions
    1. AF is fast and accurate in good light, slow and accurate in low light
    2. ISO 3200 is amazingly clean. ISO 6400 is usable. Will help me a lot with astro!
    3. EVF is a boon after Nex-5N
    4. Controls layout is very good. I do not miss touch screen of 5N at all
    5. 28-70 is sharp, but not wide enough. Sony should have given us a 24-70F3.5/5.6 in the box
    6. From zero to full in camera charging took about 4 hours
    7. If I select EVF, even normal menu selection goes to viewfinder. I wish there was a mode where menu was shown on monitor, but for shooting I use EVF
    8. The USB charging plug is too tight. I am worried about damaging it by plugging charger again and again