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Going a Bit Squirrely.....

Clix Pix

TalkEmount Veteran
Jul 3, 2018
8 miles from the Tysons (Virginia) Apple Store
I've had a daily visitor on my deck recently, who is greedily interested in the birdseed that I've been setting out for the birds...... He's a terrific photo op and my Sony RX10 M4 has been quite handy for grabbing shots of him! At times I've been able to get quite close physically as well.

Meet Smaug:

You Gonna Chase Me Off AGAIN?.jpeg

He's greedy little guy, hence the name, which of course comes from the dragon in The Hobbit series.....the two of them seem to have something in common!

Getting Right Into the Food.jpeg

So much food to grab! Can I eat it all before The Human sees me and chases me off?

So Much Food to Grab, Can I Get It All Before She Sees Me?.jpeg

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