Free sunrise and sunset calculator /app for Google maps

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    Sep 20, 2012
    This is quite useful if you are doing sunrise or sunset (and golden hour) photography - you put in a location and using an overlay on Google maps, it shows you the direction of sunset and sunrise for any given date. So for example for Edinburgh you will see that January is a good time for sunsets from Calton Hill as the sun sets behind the castle (if/when there is a sunset of course - this is Scotland!). Whereas in summer (when most tourists are here) the sun sets behind the St James shopping centre (mall) a rather hideous and unphotogenic concrete architectural monstrosity from the 1960's. :)
    SunCalc - sun position, sunlight phases, sunrise, sunset, dusk and dawn times calculator

    It's free to use and also very useful if you live near the sea and want to know if/when you can take one of those sun setting/rising over the sea shots. Or for whenever you want to know which direction the sunlight will be coming from relative to specific landmarks or buildings or mountains or whatever in more details than just from the 'East' or the 'West'. :)