flash and legacy lens? how can set right focus on nex? Metz 32 z-2

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by argon, Jan 26, 2015.

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    Dec 1, 2014
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    I'm opening this 3d for asking a BIG problem!!

    I'm proud owner of a NEX-7 (v1.03), i tryed the Metz 32 z-2 (4.00 voltage) via an HD-N3 adapter, so i set it to flash forget in flash setting of the camera.

    My lens is Minolta Rokkor PF 58mm so 58*1.5=87mm

    I set in Flash the 85mm focal setting, then i set 100 iso, and the aperture on f 8, and i decide to set shutter 1/200, but i cannot set focus because i'm all out of light until the flash does not light :(

    So ho do you people use flash with Manual Aperture and Manual Focus lens???