First impressions with the new 28mm F 2 combined with UWC converter

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    Got my SEL 28mm F2.0 2 weeks ago and ordered the SEL075UWC at the same time.
    UWC arrived monday and only got the chance to try it today.

    As much as the 28 is light, once you mount the UWC converter on there, the whole rig is getting kind of front heavy.
    I found the front lens cap to be (too) easy to unclip by itself when manipulating, so this is one thing to be careful about to prevent eventual damage to the front lens element.
    The rear lens cap also does not lock well on the lens but the bayonet effect prevents it from separating from the lens too easily. One nice touch for those who tend to lose caps, the front lens cap of the 28mm lens fits inside the rear mount of the rear cap.

    Mounting of lens is a simple bayonet twist to mount on the lens and there is a lock button that is on the right side of the lens to allow un-mounting.

    The only negative i find is you can't mount filters in front of this lens.

    I took some non-scientific test shots at the harbour in Trois-Rivières, Qc earlier today just to get myself acquainted with this set-up and gather first impressions.

    View attachment 58846

    I placed a set of pictures on Flickr here:[email protected]/sets/72157651456073368/
    The first 2 and last 3 pics are with the 28mm only
    The other pictures are all taken with the 28 + UWC. I made a set at all apertures from f 2.8 in full stops down to F 16.
    All on A7r handheld, direct out of camera RAW's adapted by Aperture with no correction whatsoever and uploaded in full res.

    Quick early conclusions with this converter:

    You need to stop down to F 4-5.6 to get good corner/side sharpness. From 5.6 to F 11, i am favourably surprised by the results i got on all shots
    This set-up is razor sharp in a pretty wide section of the center of the frame at most apertures except maybe at F 2.8 and F16 is showing some level of diffraction ( or was it my hands at slower shutter speeds at F 16 ?)
    I will comment on distortion only after i have time to compare with my A-Mount Minolta 20 and 28 F2 on LA-EA4
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