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Dec 31, 2017
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From what I've been reading, Apple computers in general are not the technology of choice to do the firmware updateds on Sony cameras. Hmmm. Apple is all that I have in the house and I'm not willing to chance turning my A6300 and A7II into a couple bricks. Best Buy Geek Squad will not do it. I really don't want to bother friends to use their computers so, I've been looking at the following laptop to use for firmware updates.

Anyone have input or opinions on these or another inexpensive laptop or tablet for firmware updates?


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Aug 12, 2014
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Seems to be a pretty drastic solution to buy a Windows PC just for firmware flashing! :(
I'm sure your buddies won't mind helping out an Apple user. Just be prepared for all the teasing! :D
BTW, can't you go down to your public library and use one of their PCs? Or local college campus....and use one of their public PCs in their computer labs.
I'm sure the proctor at the lab will be more than happy to show off his IT skills. Bribe him with food. Always works with college students. ;)

Just looked at those links...the first one (notebook) should be avoided. It will be a frustration to use right out of the box. It's woefully inadequate hardware-wise, to run Win10 64-bit. And only has a 2-cell battery! But I think the money is better spent on lenses! ;) Cost is a relative thing and subjective. Personally, I would not buy either of them.
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Sep 10, 2015
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I would not buy those for practical, everyday use. But if all you plan to use it for is firmware updates, you'd probably be OK. It's not like firmware updates are an intensive operation, really.

Don't compare either one to your Macs. That'd be like comparing a Yugo to ... well to just about any other car actually, lol.


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Oct 21, 2012
Buying a Windows PC for firmware updates might seem like a drastic move but it's exactly what I did. I also went to Best Buy and picked up this Lenovo... except that it was on sale in store for under $500. It should be useful for a few things as well, even if I'm otherwise all Mac/iOS...

Of the two laptops Jeff is showing us, the one with the solid-state drive will boot up faster. But 32gb will mean there's virtually no extra storage space.

The same goes for RAM. 4gb on Windows 10 is just enough to make it work - not to win any speed contests or have ultra-smooth operation. 8gb would be better. But adding memory could easily double the price of the machine. That's why I went for the higher-priced Lenovo.

Bob is right: I wouldn't buy either for everyday use. But if Jeff is an Apple person and a Windows laptop is going to be used strictly for firmware updates, these will probably get the job done. Make sure they have the cable ports you need.

But before you buy, Jeff, why not physically go down to a Best Buy store and see if they have any open-box specials on laptops with a bit more horsepower? This strategy has worked out well for me a number of times - with cameras, lenses and computers. I'm thinking a $399 expenditure on your part should provide you with some solidly decent hardware that you can use for a number of tasks.

Here's something I just found on their website for a bit less... but it's a an order of magnitude better than either of your first options:

And who knows what you'll find in the brick-and-mortar store? Go in and tell a staffer about your situation. You might be pleasantly surprised at a solution they can offer.
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