Findings: "Remote Commander" and "Continuous Shooting" Feature

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    Oct 8, 2013
    While setup on an Osprey nest yesterday...NEX-7 & Lens mounted on a tripod and using the Remote Commander...I decided I wanted to experiment with the "Continuous Shooting" feature.

    Selected it on a menu then promptly discovered that Remote Commander doesn't actuate the Continuous Shooting feature.
    Furthermore, I then also discovered that normal Single Shooting no longer worked from the Remote Commander either.

    Was pleased to find, that although I had to actuate and hold down the shutter button manually for the Continuous Shooting feature to work, the 200mm / 50+ yard shots of the flying Osprey still came out acceptably sharp.
    I was as careful as I could humanly be...with a thumb underneath the camera body and a forefinger on top of the shutter button...squeezing towards each other rather then only pressing down...and I'm sure the 20+Lb backpack hanging under the tripod played a huge role in minimizing movement as well.
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