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Feature photos on the home page


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Sep 10, 2015
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I know some never see it, but we have "feature" photos that appear on the site home page. This would be the first thing people visiting for the first time would see, so I think it is good to keep it updated with somewhat current content. This is done by moderators. So I have been trying to browse through photos at least once a week and select a few, and I know WoodWorks also does this sometimes. I try to select some of the above average number of likes/wins, as well as those I think have some other merit, but it is not easy without posting all of the forum contents on the front page. You guys post a lot of great photos. :)

I thought about looking for a way to automate it based on likes/wins but that has its own problems. Unfortunately merit is largely in the eye of the beholder, and doubtless I have featured some that you wonder why, and vice-versa. Maybe someone has some bright ideas, or maybe no one thinks about it. If you have bright ideas, now is your chance to bring them forward.

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