FE28-70 vs 16-70 or 18-105??

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Lenses' started by WT21, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. WT21

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    Aug 7, 2011
    I sold my a7 to fund a 16-70, but that didn't work for me. I am thinking about the 18-105, but I also think it may have been a mistake to sell the a7.

    So... if I buy an a7, here's my question:

    For folks who've had both:

    Ignoring the fact that the APS-C lenses have longer reach and the size issue, both of which would be a non-issue for my use case, is an a7 + 28-70 a better combo than an a6000 with either the 16-70 or 18-105? I am kind of thinking that resolution, sharpness, and maybe (?) color of even a mediocre kit lens on FF is better than either of those APS-C lenses on an a6000???

    DXO seems to think so, but I was hoping for more real world input.

    To the use case -- this is for outdoor school events. I can put the 70-200/4 on the a6000 and the 28-70 on the a7, and this would give me a great 1-2 punch. In this use case, corners are not that important.

    For the indoor events (e.g. school plays) I would switch to the 70-200/4 on the a7 and the 28/2 on the a6000, and bring the RX100 for 28/1.8 needs. I've been very successful with this indoor trio, so I was wondering about the outdoor use case.

    I guess I could also just go a6000 + 18-105 for outdoor use and just go one lens....hmmm, maybe I should think about that.
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  2. davect01

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    Aug 20, 2011
    Fountain Hills, AZ
    The original A7 had slightly better dynamic range but the APS-C sensor has become very close.

    The A6000 has much better tracking and focusing capabilities, and a much more appealing form factor for me. The latest A7's seem to have finally nailed down the focusing, but cost $2-3000, no thanks.

    Then the lenses are a lot more $$$ for the FF line.

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  3. Nexnut

    Nexnut TalkEmount Top Veteran

    I don't own an A7... but have owned each of the APS-C zooms at some point and if I had to shoot native Sony zooms other than the 1018 I'd go FF without thinking twice.
    Alternatively you could a use a 16-50 Sony, 17-5o/2.8 Tammy/Sigma or 18-35/1.8 and whatnot via adapter (e.g. LA-EA4). They're a bit on the large side but fast and quite nice optically - I've had the 1750 Tamron some years ago.
  4. WestOkid

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    Jan 25, 2014
    New Jersey, USA
    I never thought about this, but the first thing that stands out for me is not IQ. On their respective formats, they are all close. When you throw in sample variation, it gets even muddier. For example, I think my first 2870 was better than the copy I have now. As for clear differences. The 1670Z will have more saturated colors out of the box; must be that Zeiss coating. Either way, the biggest factor in the comparison is the that both the APS-C lenses are much more versatile than the 2870.

    So if we accept the IQ's may be similar across all three, there is no way to overlook the differences in focal lengths. What's your use case? For example the 18-105G makes decent portrait captures @105/F4. The 1670 is both longer and wider. Basically the APSC lenses are over 4x and 5x constant aperture zooms respectively and the 2870 is a 2.5x variable. In real world use, I found I was able to carry one lens when I had either of the APSC lenses, but that is not the case with the 2870. I always carry some prime with it.
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  5. NickCyprus

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    Oct 11, 2012
    I don't understand what we are comparing - the lenses or the sensor?
    In anyway, personally I prefered the 18-105 in every aspect when I had it vs the current 28-70 I have so my vote goes with the G lens :)
  6. nidza

    nidza TalkEmount Regular

    Nov 1, 2013
    I see only advantage of 28-70 as you get it practically for free (sub 100€ in my case).

    A6000 has no advantage over A7 but cheaper lenses.

    Then again, if you will use FE lenses on A6000, but you've sold A7, apparently it was a mistake selling A7, unless you plan to buy something from A7ii family.
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