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Fall Challenge


TalkEmount Hall of Famer
Jun 18, 2012
I was planning to do this over at mu-43 but I have since sold my m43 gear and won't be picking any up again until after the first of the year, so...since I am with NEX 5n and a pile of manual focus lenses I thought why not do the challenge here in our little NEX community? I was thinking of something very much like the Summer of Pictures I did this past summer at mu-43. The rules were simple...a picture a day (or more if you wish) and you limit yourself to a particular setup, theme, or what-have-you. The point is to focus on something and try to get all you can out of the something. If folks are interested I'd love to do it here. Of course I realize that we're all busy (I work in academia and Fall is our busiest time) so I have never felt like it was necessary to be too strict with the daily picture part. Come when you can and post when you can. I take my camera with me every day so I try to post daily. I find it really helps my creativity...plus it's fun.

I was originally thinking October 1st to December 31st but I kind of missed the October 1st part, so how about October 15th (night of the new moon) to December 31st? That gives us time to pick our challenges and prepare. Since I only have the one camera that's the easy part. Back when I thought of this before it was going to be my GX1 and PL45 macro in BW...in a similar vein I think I'll use my 5n and Vivitar 28/2 Close Focus in BW. I'll start a post here on the 15th and start putting up images.

I hope to have some company. :cool:


TalkEmount All-Pro
Aug 23, 2012
Kevin, at least you'll have mine. I'm afraid there might not be a strictly obeyed theme if I am do post daily, but 80% or so should be my 4 yr old's portraits. Sorry but she's my muse and easiest subject. Since she ain't bad looking, that shouldn't be too painful on you guys. Will start posting tonight.

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