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    Jun 27, 2013
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    While looking at the Nex line-up of cameras it gets confusing with all the model offerings. I assume that the Nex-7 is the top of the line, followed by the Nex-6. After that is where the confusion starts, what are the differences between the 5R and the 5N? What follows after those models. What is considered a mid-range Nex model?
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    Oct 11, 2012
    The 5 used to be the top of the line until the 7 and 6 came...

    Now the 5 series are consider mid-range IMO since they don't have built-in EVF and flash
    5R was wifi unlike 5N, and the new 16mp sensor with the Phase Detection and more focus points (instead of Contrast Detection only)
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    Aug 30, 2011
    NEX-3 series: entry level, plastic body, 16 MP sensor, one dial
    NEX-5 series: mid level, mag alloy body, 16 MP sensor, WiFi (since 5R), touchscreen (since 5N), two dials
    NEX-6 series: mid level, mag alloy body with plastic parts, 16 MP sensor, WiFi, EVF, hot shoe (ISO), two dials
    NEX-7 series: high end, better quality mag alloy body, 24 MP sensor, EVF, hot shoe (iISO), Tri-navi

    Notes: The 16 MP sensor is used since the second generation NEX cameras. The original 3 and 5 used a 14 MP sensor. PDAF is supported by the NEX-5R and 6. Only the 5N and 5R feature a touchscreen. All feature a built in flash except the 5 series and the original 3.