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EVF vs. OLF gap


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Sep 1, 2011
I've always maintained that mirrorless cameras will eventually make OVFs obsolete, as I was certain that technology would eventually remove all disadvantages, leaving only advantages. Certainly, Panasonic's LVF-1 was not helping my case, but even the G1's built-in EVF and Olympus VF-2, while nice, were a long way from making that dream a reality. The increased refresh rate on the GH2/G3 do a lot for tracking action in bright light; not so much for low light. However, they still feel like you are looking at a TV.

In steps the current generation Sony EVFs. The higher resolution OLED display should definitely improve the real-life feel. I also believe the refresh/processing rate is faster. So, the question is: are we there yet? If not, what still needs improvement? I don't know if/how much it slows down in low light, so that certainly could still be a concern.


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Aug 8, 2011
I am interested in seeing the EVF in the NEX-7 with my own eyes, but every tech journalist/blogger who has seen it keeps saying that it basically levels the playing field between EVFs and OVFs (that you really can't tell you're looking at an EVF except for the text information being displayed on the screen).

If the viewfinder in the NEX-7 is indeed that good and the performance lives up to all the hype then I might be selling most (but not all) of my DSLR gear.

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