Evening at another airport

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    As a counterpoint to Tony's great morning images taken at the airport in Charleston, West Virginia, here is a shot taken at a different airport at a different time of day.

    Specifically, here is an image taken in the evening at Atlanta airport, while waiting for my connecting flight to New Orleans.

    The camera was my NEX-6, and the lens was the Sony 16-50 Power Zoom. (i.e. the "kit lens" for the NEX-6.)

    Atlanta Airport - 8 May 2013.

    - Tom -
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    Brilliant composition.
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    Ad Dieleman
    That's a sunset picture I like!
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    Lovely with the sun behind.
  6. Very well captured!

    Verstuurd van mijn GT-N8010 met Tapatalk
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    Simply stunning, Tom. I love it.

  9. -et-

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    Thanks. I really like the composition myself.

    However, to be honest, all that I did was to add a little bit to a scene that I came upon by accident. I cannot claim to have planned the subject, or the lighting. I was waiting to catch a flight, and walked over to the window to see if there happened to be an image outside worth attempting to capture. Chance - in the form of my flight schedule - provided the setting sun, so I turned on the NEX-6 and took three shots, of which this is the one I like the best. All that I really contributed was to move to the side a few steps to make a minor change to the horizontal angle and what was and was not in the image, and squat down to change the vertical angle slightly.

    In addition, I tweaked the image a little in post-processing. Between having the sun in the image and the aircraft in shadow, in the picture the aircraft was darker than I liked, so I bumped the shadows in Lightroom to get an image that looks like what I saw. (At the airport, my eyes automatically adjusted to the light level when I looked back and forth between the 757 and the sky.)

    I also cropped the image to a 4/5 ratio so I can use it as wallpaper on my computer screen. (I work in aviation, so I am a bit biased about the choice of images that I use for wallpaper and screen savers.) I think that cropping to a 4/5 ratio did improve the image a small amount, but I find it quite acceptable at the original 2/3 ratio.

    - Tom -
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    So... you shot and processed for your own pleasure, which is where I believe most of the great shots come from. Good on you!
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    Dude, what you describe is what I call Street Photography.

    Granted its a big street.