Escaramuza at Hacienda Labor de Rivera, Jalisco, Mexico

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    Couple of shots of this Hotel / Hacienda in Jalisco

    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    View from the open living spaces

    15833038630_00a02815f6_b. DSC06313_1
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    Open Living Spaces (one outside each room)

    16019999805_d94298f143_b. DSC06312_1
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr


    15994257546_4e5d280105_b. DSC06325_1
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    Room's decoration

    15994514156_d5668888cf_b. DSC06311_1
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    Living room

    16018064921_c1e9ef72cf_b. DSC06321_1
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    Candid portrait of a friend

    15398048474_dcc3429b11_o. DSC06310
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    The hotel has a Lienzo Charro, we saw an "Escaramuza" performance, this is female horse riders in traditional costumes, performing high-speed precision patterns riding sidesaddle while demonstrating bravery, equestrian skills, teamwork, and femininity. Its a tradition living since the days of the revolution, 200+ years ago.

    How old you think this rider is?

    16019297672_4c1ae6e10b_b. DSC06301_1
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    16018041361_c0de4f091b_b. DSC06307
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    16020301785_df358da8e0_b. DSC06261_1
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    That was a 6 year old!

    15832754720_4fa851175f_b. DSC06264_1
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr

    16019340672_96a987df6c_b. DSC06252_1
    by Ztryfe, on Flickr
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    Beam me there, Scotty. ;) 
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