Eastern Bluebirds having a ball in the Birdbath

Discussion in 'Nature' started by roundball, May 30, 2016.

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    Oct 8, 2013
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    First the Male shows his stuff in front of the Female:

    052216 A_Male Bluebird Taking Bath 23_FS+ACol+Shad15-HL25-Gam.90+Shp15.jpg

    052216 B_Male Bluebird Taking Bath 26_FS+ACol+Shad15-HL25-Gam.90+Shp15.jpg

    052216 C_Male Bluebird Taking Bath 27_FS+ACol+Shad15-HL25-Gam.90+Shp15.jpg

    052216 D_Male Bluebird Taking Bath 28_FS+ACol+Shad15-HL25-Gam.90+Shp15.jpg

    052216 E_Male Bluebird Taking Bath 42_FS+ACol+Shad15-HL25-Gam.95+Shp15.jpg

    Then the Female say to the Male: "Oh yeah? Watch this !! "

    052216 A_Female Bluebird_Birdbath 43_FS+ACol+Shad15-HL25+Shp15.jpg

    052216 B_Female Bluebird_Birdbath 48_FS+ACol+Shad15-HL25+Shp15.jpg

    052216 C_Female Bluebird_Birdbath 49_FS+ACol+Shad15-HL25+Shp15.jpg

    052216 D_Female Bluebird_Birdbath 50_FS+ACol+Shad15-HL25+Shp15.jpg
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