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Dec 1, 2011
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Thank you! Glad you like it.

To take the picture, I used an external manual flash, shooting while taking the picture, everything manually. If the nex could be able to handle an external flash, it would be easier but it isn't, so I had to press at the same time the shutter and the flash. There are three pictures, one for de labels, one for de liquid and other one for de background. Then I combined it with Photoshop.

I copy here an explanation of a partner, who explained me how to take this picture...

In order to do this, I put the bottle on a piece of glass in a table, I separated the table from the wall where I put a big piece of white paper. Also at both sides of the bottle, there were two black reflectors (to get a black silhouette around the liquid).

To get the image, I've fused 3 native photos with Photoshop mixing faces. The native images were:

- The first one for the bottom, the only thing I did was to put a flash (Yongnuo 460) with a grid (or honeycomb if you prefer) and a red coloured transparent paper (we call it "gelatines")shooting to the bottom (it was on the floor between the table and the wall). With this you get a circle of red light in your white paper behind the bottle, and a red reflect in the glass.

- The second one is for the liquid and the white silhouette (smaller than the black silhouette). Here, the YN 460 is still shooting to the bottom in the same place but without the grid and the red paper, on this way, you get a soft colour in the liquid. Also I made two softboxes with shoe boxes and I put them 45º behind the bottle, shooting it with a Yongnuo 565 and a Yongnuo 560 with the same power (1/32). It's for the white silhouette.

- The last one is for the labels and the stopper (usually I have to do one shot for each label in the bottle, but in this case, both labels are headed in the same direction). I used a YN 565 shootting on top of the camera (to avoid reflects).

Own advices: Focus the bottle and switch off the AF
Use a remote shootter to get the exactly same images.
Obviously your camera has to be in a tripod, be careful to don't move it or you will have to repeat the process.
Clean adequately the bottle and the glass.


If there's something to explain, don't hesitate and ask me...

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