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DIY Clearviewer type viewfinder


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Nov 27, 2012
East Texas
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Hi Y'all,
I'm Kim! This is my first post here. I just received my new-to-me Sony NEX-C3 from a member of the mu-43.com forum. So far I am loving it. I came from a brief stint with an Olympus EPM-1, which I also loved. However, I wanted to find something that did better low light photos. The NEX is filling that need nicely. But enough with that, now to the topic at hand. While waiting for my camera to arrive I researched viewfinders. A google search lead me to the Clearviewer, which is a wonderful idea. Unfortunately I can't afford one right now, so I decided to fashion one myself. Just a forewarning, I am terrible at putting my thoughts into words, so if I don't make any sense, just look at the photos. Here is what I used:

The viewfinder: a cheap ($5.59 + free shipping w/ Amazon Prime) linen tester, 5x magnifier with a 30mm lens.
Amazon.com: Carson Optical Linentest Magnifier 5X with 30mmLens: Sports & Outdoors

3 Velcro cable ties

One of the cable ties wraps around the lens as close to the body as possible. The other two were cut to length. Wrap the two cut ties around either side of the linen tester bottom, then stick the Velcro to the piece you have already wrapped around the lens. That's it! You do want to be sure the distance between the lens and the LCD screen is the same as if you were using the linen tester for its intended purpose. There is some distortion around the edges, but not enough to render the viewfinder useless. And with this setup, you can fold it up under the camera when you are done with it.

Pardon the poor quality of my photos. I took them with my phone.

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