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Deals on the lagging edge of technology

Amin Sabet

Aug 6, 2011
I recently bought a Sony NEX-5N kit for $700 plus tax at a local Best Buy. Unfortunately I had to return it to cover other expenses. I wanted another NEX camera to keep up with the fun on this site and have been looking around for a good deal. Other members here and elsewhere told me about how Fry's and Target had clearances on NEX-3 16mm kits for $300, and there were even reports of Target briefly marking that camera down to $150 (!), but I could never find one for those prices.

Amazon had NEX-3 16mm kits for under $450, and that seemed like a good option. My local Best Buy was willing to sell me a pretty clean floor model NEX-3 18-55 kit for $425 or a scratched up floor model NEX-5 18-155 kit for $500, both very reasonable deals. In the end, I found a barely used NEX-C3 16mm kit for $425 and jumped on that.

This whole process reminded me just how much money one can save by being on the lagging edge of technology. The C3 was introduced just months ago, and already there is a fairly robust used market. Psyched to get my new old C3!


TalkEmount Veteran
Aug 21, 2011
Yes,...here in the UK photo items are roughly TWICE the real price everywhere else, you you can usually cross out the dollar sign and add the pound sign to get the usual UK price despite normal rate of exchange. In fact some US companies make this a policy,...Adobe has the same digits for both US and UK price so you PAY DOUBLE here!!....GRRRRR!!!

.....In view of this, I waited until June this year to buy a new NEX 3/18-55 for about half the listed price,..although this still came back to the US 'usual' price.......

.........If I could buy at US prices I woud have one of everything because it's all so cheap!


TalkEmount Veteran
Aug 9, 2011
NEX-C3 has the same sensor as the Pentax K5 and Nikon D7000 so I wouldn't quite call it the "lagging edge" :)

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