CV 12,CV 15 vs Sony 10-18 on A7 series

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Deadbear77, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Deadbear77

    Deadbear77 TalkEmount Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Sep 14, 2012
    Northeast Ohio
    Thoughts please. Looking to get a smaller wide angle compared to my Rokinon

    Sony seems like a no brainer but would still like some feedback.
  2. WoodWorks

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    Dec 12, 2012
    Ashland, OR, USA
    Just to confuse things more for you, Voigtländer is supposed to be coming out with an updated version of the 15 that plays better with our cams early next year.

    I know, not helping am I? :p
  3. Deadbear77

    Deadbear77 TalkEmount Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Sep 14, 2012
    Northeast Ohio
  4. serhan

    serhan TalkEmount All-Pro

    Aug 27, 2011
    Currently CV12mm is better then CV15mm but a new 15mm is coming as David said. Also Adobe has profile corrections for both, which improved the corner performance a lot. I posted this in the sister forum:

    I only have 12mm ltm and use it A7R and used on nex cameras. The lens is very small, more like a pancake lens. It has high vignetting and color shift in the corners with FF, but hardly any smearing. Latest Adobe update has a profile to correct these for both lenses now and CV12mm is much better w/ the profile. 15mm is getting a new design update next year. You can check this post for some CV 12mm photos as Mike uses on his A7 also:

    Photozone had a review of 12mm on old nex-5 and showed 1.8% distortion on apsc sensors, which is amazing for 12mm lens:

    You can also check Ron Scheller's post at FM:
    "I recently shot a bunch of M and LTM lenses on the a7S at infinity to check for edge smearing. IMO, CV12 is slightly better than the current CV15, in this respect. Will be interesting to see how the soon to come CV15 will compare. In case anyone is interested, here are full-rez files from wide open through f/16 on the 12mm and up to f/11 on the 15mm. It's a zipped folder on Google Drive. CV 12mm seems pretty well corrected for distortion."

    So it might be better to wait for the new CV 15mm to see how much improvement it will have as it is a new design for digital sensors. However there is no samples, availability date or price on it:

    Here is old 15mm 4.5 in comparison to the new Sony 16-35mm f4 in Steve Huff's first look video:

    Here is also comparison of m lenses with FF 16-35 and the difference is vignetting with smaller m lenses:
    Adorable wide angles - Zeiss FE 16-35 vs. Leica WATE and some other 21mm lenses
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  5. MAubrey

    MAubrey TalkEmount Top Veteran

    The 12mm & 15mm are guaranteed to be better for distortion simply because of the nature of their optical design. Symmetrical wide angles make for super low distortion and good resolution, but sacrifice vignetting and colour shift on digital sensors. As a rule of thumb, the larger the individual pixels are the less colour shift there will be: i.e. the A7s is better than the A7 is better than the A7r.

    I'm really happy with how well the 12mm does on the A7, personally.

    Versus the Sony 10-18mm, which is useable on FF from 12-16 (roughly), the Sony lens has better center resolution, but the corners are a big mess, whereas the CV12mm is pretty consistent across the frame.

    But if you can wait, I'd say a revised 15mm would be extremely tempting. On the other hand the 12mm pops up used for $500 from time to time on ebay...and it's bargain for that price.
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