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Contax RF adaptor - with or without the focus scale?


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Sep 5, 2011
After winning an eBay Jupiter-8 lens in Contax RF mount (excellent condition and from the early 1950's so should be identical to a Ziess 50mm f/2) I am strugging to find the correct NEX adaptor at a reasonable price...

Kippon with focus scale - expensive for a £20 experiment...

Kippon without focus scale - I think this is for the telephoto RF lenses only?

Nikon Rangefinder S mount - cheapest of the bunch and again no focusing scale...

I realise now that I should have got the M38 mount but this seemed like a bargain at the time! :eek: Any assistance would be appreciated!


TalkEmount Veteran
Aug 7, 2011
Jasper, Indiana
This may not be what you want to hear, but from everything I have ever read the Contax-mount Jupiters are more trouble than they are worth especially since the adapters need to have helicoids and that makes them expensive. You could get a Jupiter-8 in the Leica thread mount and the combined cost of both the adapter and lens will be less than the cost of a good adapter for Contax RF. Perhaps someone with more direct knowledge will jump in with more info in case I am wrong about this, but my suggestion is to put any more money towards a LTM Jupiter.

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