Color signature of a camera - how much can you change?

Jaladhi Pujara

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Aug 28, 2011
Hello All,

This is something I have seen come up often in forums but haven't necessarily found a good answer to. A little bit of background: I shoot with an Olympus m43 camera and I really like the way camera handles color. I always shoot RAW with the Olympus as well as a few other cameras I have used. Even with RAW files, I can clearly see that each camera has a distinctive color signature. My Panasonic RAW files for example, look different from Olympus.

Now I am planning to shoot NEX side by side with m43 for a while before I make up my mind about which one to hold on to (may be both :)). Once I get my NEX 5N, I want to experiment with RAW files to see how closely I can match their color signature to Olympus', which I like in most cases. I use Aperture 3 for editing. My guess right now is that I'd need to tweak while balance as well as individual colors. I want to create a few presets that can be applied depending on the shooting condition. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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