Clouds and the Sunset

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    Took these a couple days ago when I looked outside my office and thought they were pretty cool cloud formations. I felt that making them B & W made them more dramatic.

    NEX 6 + Hoya HMC 135mm f2.8 Edited in LR5 / CS6

    I believe these were at f22 , 1/125 , ISO 100

    _DSC0520-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    _DSC0516-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    _DSC0517-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    _DSC0518-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    These sunset shots I took on my way home. I was driving and saw the sunset and decided to pull over and get some shots. I was mesmerized by the colors!

    Edited in LR5 / CS6

    NEX 6 + Vivitar 24mm f2.8

    f16 , ISO 800 , 1/60 (handheld)

    _DSC0528-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    NEX 6 + Hoya HMC 135mm f2.8

    f8 or f11 , ISO 800 , 1/50

    _DSC0531-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

    f8 or f11 , ISO 800 , 1/60

    _DSC0532-Edit.jpg by yvesgajardo, on Flickr

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    I love the b&w's!!!

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