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Cheap Repairs


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Jan 30, 2016
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Rae Leggett
So the rubber flap on the sd card door on my beloved A7RII has been coming off for two years. I finally got frustrated with it and tore the rubber off, leaving the bare plastic on the door. Then I went looking for replacements. I found I could by a brand new sd card cover for $50. Better price than I expected. Then when I looked in the repair manual, I found that in order to replace the thing, I would have to remove the entire back plate of my camera, including the screen. Nope, not doing that. So my solution was $10 "Sugru" moldable silicon glue.


The silicon feels just like the rubber on the body and I like the slightly bigger hump to the cover now.

Then I went online to KEH to see what they'd give me for this camera. To my surprise, a "like new minus" Sony A7Rii sells for $1100. Unfortunately a "Bargain" A7Rii, which I judge my well used one is, is $500.

So I spent $10 to repair my camera and dropped it's resale value by $600. Oh well, I'm keeping the camera anyway, but I think this is a good thing to keep in mind.


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Feb 17, 2015
Orange County CA, USA
While being bored here at home so much from the self imposed sequestration, I've looked at various cameras of the used variety (Christmas is coming soon donchano) recently.
While I've bought used cameras before (Nex-7 & A7ii), I've never really worried all that much about the 'cosmetics' as long as they weren't looking like they were dragged thru the mud so to speak. As long as they 'worked as designed', that was good enough for me. I can't see why a camera such as the A7Rii, would depreciate so much just because it's been used a little. Not everyone takes care of their gear while using it, such that it's in pristine condition. I try to treat my gear with the respect a fine instrument deserves. If they still operate and perform OK, why should a little imperfection 'cost' so much? My cameras will always be worth more to me than the 'going price' I'm sure, warts/dings/dents/scrapes and all.
Good to see you found a 'fix' that works for you Rae.


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Sep 10, 2015
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I know what you are saying, AlwaysOnAuto, but not everyone is so rational. I've seen empty 'mint' product boxes sell for a good sum on ebay. Nutsy to me, but one man's garbage is another man's treasure they say.

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