Celebrating July 4th with a few DC pictures

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    I was in DC last week on business and while I didn't have very much time for photography, I was able to steal a little time one evening to get to the Lincoln memorial and reflecting pool. The weather started out okay, but by the time I left it was pouring and I got absolutely soaked walking back to my hotel. Fortunately I had a small umbrella and was able to protect the camera (which was in a bag, but I'm not sure if it would have been water proof).

    Anyway, I had a very limited amount of time, but got a few pictures which I figured I would share in advance of the US July 4th holiday. Happy holiday in advance to all who celebrate.
    All shot with A6000 and kit lens -- great for when you have to travel light.

    They were doing some construction, and I wanted to get the capitol in the picture, so I had to take a shot from the side to avoid all of the unsightly equipment


    Lots of people out and about around there, as usual


    The memorial is a very inspiring place.

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    A bit ahead of time, but great photos of the capital anyway.
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    I was there few months ago I love DC... Love your first 2 pictures!


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