Capture One 9.1 (Express for Sony) help from C-1 users...

Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by WNG, May 19, 2016.

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    Aug 12, 2014
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    I gave their Sony users version a try today and ran into a major problem. Opening ARWs from my a6000, resulted in an image that was much more saturated, and color shifted than expected. Reds and greens dominant, contrast pretty strong.
    I didn't think much of this since it's an unedited raw image. And it's been discussed how their defaults are different than LR.

    Made the adjustments to my liking, and went to save it as JPEG. I opened the JPEG and it is much greater in exposure +1EV and the colors were off, a lot of blue hue that wasn't present in the C-1 viewer window.
    It isn't WYSIWYG.
    To eliminate user errors, I reset the adjustments and directly saved what was initially shown after opening RAWs. The resulting JPEGS (and TiFFs) once again don't match up with saturation and exposure differences. Far more over-exposed (brighter) than expected. I'm using sRGB for JPEG saving, and the viewer is Faststone 5.5.

    (I imported the resultant JPEG back into C-1 and it matches the opened ARW. So this seems to be an internal C-1 9 issue.)

    I decided to open the JPEG in different apps.
    In MS Paint, Faststone 5.5, Paint.Net, Libre Office Draw, and Firefox, the image is translated brighter and less saturated.

    In C-1 9 and Windows Photo Viewer, the JPEG matches the opened ARW in C-1.

    B&W adjustments in C-1 results in a greenish image, not gray. But opening the saved JPEG externally will return a B&W image. So C-1 is not accurate straight out of the box!
    Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a color palate/white balance option, as I haven't found it. Does this app need calibration before colors are accurate?
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    Ad Dieleman
    I guess there's an issue with the color spaces that are used in C1. JPEGs are best imported and exported in sRGB color space to avoid issues with color space in other applications. I don't have C1 anymore so I can't say what and where to check.
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    Aug 12, 2014
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    Thanks for responding Ad.
    Given that this version of C-1 is provided to Sony shooters gratis, you'd think Phase One would have gotten the ICC profiles dialed in for each Sony model. The best that I can conclude after a night of tinkering with it and reading their online help files, is that the white balance profile is totally incorrect. And the ability to create a custom ICC profile isn't available in this free version. But I can upgrade for $50/EU.

    I guess I don't understand this marketing strategy. At this point their 'free' app is worthless. Unfortunate, their tools and layout look pretty good.

    Decided to troubleshoot further during lunch.
    Re-installing the program didn't correct matters.
    Installed the program into an older/slower laptop and the files open with the correct color palate! Therefore it's not entirely faulted upon Phase One after all.

    So, it has to be isolated to my 'newer' system. Compatibility with the video card/ driver perhaps. Or a recent Win Update has an incompatible DLL.
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    Sep 10, 2015
    I use C1 version 9 on Windows 10 and have none of these issues at all. The exported JPEG in other programs looks just like the image in C1.

    At the bottom of the export dialog, there are a number of tabs controlling various settings. On the first tab, I have my format set to plain old JPEG 8-bit, quality 80, sRGB profile, and my preferred resolution. As far as I know those would be the only parameters affecting the exported image.

    RAW editors are definitely a user preference kind of thing. I far prefer C1, especially after I tailored the UI to my liking. You can run in the non-free mode for 30 days to see if it helps. It was worth the pretty small amount of money for me.
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    Aug 12, 2014
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    Thanks Bob for your tips. I think I've narrowed it down to an issue with how C-1 9 is translating the video driver or color profile on my troubled system.
    As it doesn't occur on the 2nd PC. But I purposely set up this newer faster x64 system as my desktop editor. I hope it can be resolved, as it defeats the effort if I must turn to the slower laptop to handle RAWs. :mad:

    Will try new drivers and search Phase One's forum to see if others ran into this with their configurations.
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  6. Nexnut

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    I'd definitely check the color profiles. I've had similar issues on my older PC and that solved it. Since this happened already some time ago I don't remember what I did exactly but you sure can't know enough about color profiles, spaces, soft proofing and all that stuff.