Can't NOT buy the FE28 2.0 - for family and social

Discussion in 'Sony Alpha E-Mount Lenses' started by WT21, Mar 24, 2015.

  1. WT21

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    Aug 7, 2011
    I am really love my a7 so far. So much so, that I think I'm going to expand this system. Already have the FE70-200. Thinking of flash and grip.

    But I also can't see myself NOT ordering this FE2820 lens. I think I'm going to push the button from DigitalRev.

    I am not an UWA shooter, but I do shoot social scenes. I am on a budget, so the better zooms are out of my range. With 24MP you can crop pretty well anyway.

    I just went through my Lightroom catalog, and I've got 314 favored shots from various events using my Canon 28/1.8 on full frame, and that's not even a very strong lens.

    I was thinking my RX100 would serve my wide angle purposes, but it's hard to beat the subject isolation of a fast wide angle on full frame :)

    Here are some examples from my Canon Full Frame and 28/1.8, mostly shot in the 2.0-2.2 range.

    Christmas Gift

    Parents vs. students basketball game - fast aperture = shutter speed!


    Building the playground

    School Play

    Summer Car Show
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  2. addieleman

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    Nov 13, 2012
    Ad Dieleman
    Seeing samples here of the Sony 28mm and what the Canon EF 28/1.8 is like on photozone I'd venture a guess that the Sony FE 28/2 will have distinctly better image quality especially in the corners and edges. So at least you could sell the Canon, if you only have an A7 to use it on.
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