Canon Vs Sony

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    Jun 25, 2014

    I did some tests with a Canon 5d Vs a Sony a7 mounting a Metabone adapter with some lenses.

    If you want to take a look a the photos, you can visit my blog (sorry but it is in italian :p)

    At the end of the post you will find a link to the raw files.

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    My italian is a little rusty, so I ran the intro paragraph through google translate --hope you don't mind.

    "For several weeks I wanted to have a little 'time to do this test and finally this weekend gave me the chance' to hold a contest between the two parties! Who will win 'between the "old glory" Canon EOS 5D Mark III (classic reflex system) and the "new technology challenging market" Sony A7 (Full Frame mirrorless system) .This possibility' and 'date with the new Metabones adapter that from the possibility 'to mount the Canon optics system Sony.Come you know, every time you add an item to any system, surely you lose something, and in this case the first thing I noticed and' speed 'of focus. Clearly a Canon will work 'better on his camera body, but what I'd like to know what might be the difference on the graphics performance. This comparison and 'also possible thanks to the fact that both cameras mounted sensors Full Frame, then there should be no loss' information from one device to the other. In order to better evaluate the performance of both cameras I decided to take on two adjacent stands, with the same settings."

    In the comparison pictures with the sliders --Which camera is 'before' and which one is 'after'?
    To me, it looks like 'before' has a magenta cast while 'after' has more natural color cast but underexposes.

    Was this shot with an A7 or the A7r? This is a little confusing as the table indicates the A7 has 36 MP.