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Camera design and portability


New to TalkEmount
Sep 3, 2011
EU, The Netherlands, Alphen a/d Rijn
A usable camera need some extern button and less menu handling.
A photographer wants quick access to changeable options rather then to scroll through severall different menus.
a camera need to be portable and good balance and of some weight, to give stability
A small camera and tiny buttons wil confuse me.


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 10, 2011
Well, yes and no. It real boils down to the photographer him or herself. Some people love the complexity of a all bells and whistles full frame DSLR an others prefer the simple point and shoot. In the end one over the other will depend on what your trying to do with it. Either way, it's the photographer that will make or break the picture, and at the end of the day, with practice and experimenting you can do wonders with whichever camera you use. Admittedly, I would live a full framed camera with the best quality lens such as a lively Leica M9 and Leica lenses, but takes serious money which eludes me —where's that lottery win then? — but until my ordered NEX-5N arrives, I'll make do with my Leica D-Lux 5 (Panasonic in wolfs clothing). My advice, get out there and enjoy whatever camera you have with you, whether that be an iPhone 4 or, a M9 with f0.95 noctilux lens or a canon 5D!

Cheers, Macjim.
PS. More or less buttons can simplify or confuse; depending on the moment when your eye sees that special view do it really depends on the occasion too, but I do agree that tiny buttons that need a fine slender finger or a long nail to work is not ideal and that is when a touch screen can be a saviour: or hindrance. ;-)

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