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    No, not THAT Cairo. This is Cairo, WV, a tiny town in northern WV that had its heyday during the railroad and timber boom of the late 1800s & early 1900s. It now consists of a few dozen houses along the Hughes River, and a one block town square ringed by a number of quaint shops, some of which are surprisingly thriving on the tourist trade brought in by nearby North Bend State Park and the North Bend Rail Trail. My wife and I visited the town during our stay at a cabin in the park, and my daughter and I rode our bikes the 4 miles from the park into town just to check out the sights.

    I've driven through the town several times through the years, but this was the first time I'd ever spent any amount of time there. The food in Schemp's (so named because the owners are Three Stooges fans) was standard fare, but the milk shakes were excellent. Unfortunately, the largest thrift shop in town was out of business, because peeking through the windows showed shelves and boxes full of intriguing stuff just gathering dust. The other thrift shop had a lot of flea market type stuff, including a lot of old Americana, but no camera stuff beyond a few older automatic cameras. What they did have was a bunch of old motor scooters . . . 1940s through 1960s old, all neatly lined in rows in a back room. Mike and Frank from "American Pickers" would have loved this place. I wish I'd gotten a photo of the scooter they had in their front window.

    I've always found the old Bank Of Cairo building to be neat. The squat and narrow 2-story building sits literally on the bank of the river, with an immediate drop of 20 feet or so down to the river from the rear of the building. It is now a museum and office of the North Bend Rails to Trails Foundation. The rail trail crosses the river just to the right of the building. I would have liked to have gotten a photo of the building and bridge together, but the road drops sharply just to the left of the photo, and the town square impedes one from backing up far enough to get everything in the frame.

    There are some neat old signs in town, and I'll post some photos of those later, but this go around I'm including photos of the plaques in the town square's Veteran's Memorial. I was impressed with how much work has been put into keeping "downtown" and the town square neat and presentable.

    These were all taken with a NEX-6 and MD 50/1.4. More to come later.




    This one is for my dad, may he rest in peace



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    Love the plaques.
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    Thanks Tony.
    Wow...thanks for the history lesson. ;) 
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    Some of the quaint signs we saw around the town. NEX-6 + MD 50/1.4.






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