Cabin in Northern MN

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    Took our annual trip up to my parents' summer home just north of Duluth, MN a ways. I lugged my whole case with all my lenses and all, just so I could play. It was a fun week of hanging out in Duluth and up at the cabin. And OH! The sunsets....You cannot beat a sunset up there on some nights. Just gorgeous.
    <a href="" title="Tregurtha3 7.11.14-6577 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14733373643_95e7a9715b. "500" height="332" alt="Tregurtha3 7.11.14-6577"></a>
    <a href="" title="SunsetCabin7.12.14-6794 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14713230942_c014edd2cf. "332" height="500" alt="SunsetCabin7.12.14-6794"></a>
    <a href="" title="SunsetCabin7.08.14-5180 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14713236932_5d2e0f3f65. "500" height="332" alt="SunsetCabin7.08.14-5180"></a>
    <a href="" title="Skiing4 7.08-5210 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr">"332" height="500" alt="Skiing4 7.08-5210"></a>
    <a href="" title="Rainbow 7.11.14-6759 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14713546945_905145f769. "332" height="500" alt="Rainbow 7.11.14-6759"></a>
    <a href="" title="ducklings2 7.09.14-5493 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14526922478_81b2411e87. "500" height="332" alt="ducklings2 7.09.14-5493"></a>
    <a href="" title="ClearPool 7.08.14-5363 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14713296882_5d757a91e0. "500" height="332" alt="ClearPool 7.08.14-5363"></a>
    <a href="" title="CampfireLove2 7.10.14-6379 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14713309042_9ebc6db50b. "332" height="500" alt="CampfireLove2 7.10.14-6379"></a>
    <a href="" title="CampfireLove 7.10.14-6406 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14710427961_b012e4d4cd. "332" height="500" alt="CampfireLove 7.10.14-6406"></a>
    <a href="" title="BrightonBeach 7.09.14-5405 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14713605435_fcab126fae. "332" height="500" alt="BrightonBeach 7.09.14-5405"></a>
    <a href="" title="Boathouse 7.09.14-6354 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14711225674_163166e713. "332" height="500" alt="Boathouse 7.09.14-6354"></a>
    <a href="" title="Awesomness 7.08.14-5371 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14526968298_15a88bcde8. "332" height="500" alt="Awesomness 7.08.14-5371"></a>
    <a href="" title="ATV3 7.08.14-5372 by Suzanne Tevsh, on Flickr"> 14710448421_37f81848df. "500" height="332" alt="ATV3 7.08.14-5372"></a>

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    Very nice. :)
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    You captured some beautiful skies there. And I guess you'd need an ultra-wide lens to fit that ore ship in the frame. :p
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  4. NickCyprus

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    Looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing :)
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  5. dragion

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    Looks like you had a great time!
    Have to agree on those sunsets.
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  6. TonyTurley

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    Apr 24, 2013
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    All excellent, but I really like #2 & #3.

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  7. Zanner

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    Yes the ore boat was a challenge as it kept getting closer and closer :) I only had my Tokina 28mm on me while there, and I'm glad that was the one that I had after spotting this guy coming in.
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    Great summer trip.

    My grandparents had a cabin that we often escaped to, sure do miss it.
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