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C3 vs 5N trying to decide.


New to TalkEmount
Oct 1, 2011
I currently have a Nex 3 and am looking to replace it with either C3 or 5N and am having a hard time deciding between the two. I hear reports of much better Jpeg engine and colors on the 5N. Any feed back would be helpful. Thanks


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 10, 2011
If you can afford it I'd go for the NEX-5N. It's better all round in what you get for your money plus, I liked the C3 when it came out and nearly bought it as the new design looked smart but when I heard about the 5n, I held off for 5n as it goes down to 100 ISO against 200 ISO in the C3. If you've got the money go for the 5n or go to a camera shop and feel both cameras in the hand as the C3's grip is small in comparison.

Cheers, Macjim.

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