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Buying local


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Aug 25, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Real Name
Phoenix Gonzales
Call it whining, call it whinging, call it what you will , more than anything this is me venting at these clowns working in the Australian division of Sony

Before even buying the NEX-5 I was aware that there were already adapters in the market that made it possible to use 3rd party lenses on the NEX. My local Sony dealer however was adamant that I can only purchase the camera with the twin lens kit and pay an extra $400 AUD as that is the only configuration they stock as everyone will want the 2 lenses as the camera will not fit any other lens and if I do want to use any “other lenses” it is important to purchase the mount adaptor for the A-lenses so I can use A mount lenses....

1 week later my camera arrives in the mail from an online shop based in Hong Kong $400 AUD cheaper with a 3rd party lens adapter, a cleaning kit, a spare battery, an after market neck strap, and an after market wrist strap.

When the NEX C3 was released firmware V.4 was also released so that current NEX owners can download and install in their systems so they can take advantage of the new firmware’s peaking feature and various camera filters. I had to download my firmware from Sony Europe as Sony Australia is not even aware if this and firmly believe that this new firmware is only available in the C3 and this is an incentive for people to buy the C3........

When the NEX-7 was announced, amazon and adorama started taking pre-orders of the camera for people who are very interested in purchasing it. Because I cannot pre-order it from either Amazon or Adorama due to international tarriff laws and taxes I’ve decided to call Sony Australia and express my keen interest in pre-ordering a Sony NEX-7 , the response I got from the other end of the phone was “NEX-7? Wow!! That sounds amazing who sells that?, us?! Oh, we don’t have it yet, when will it get released??”.........this...coming from someone in Sony Australia....so after staring at the phone handset approximately 14 inches away from my face with my jaws agape and a look of bewildered disbelief I’ve placed the phone down and decided to ask someone I know overseas to preorder it for me.

The icing on the cake arrived this morning via email from Sony Australia about the “latest opportunity” for NEX owners, let me show you the contents of the email

Mail message.jpg

Joke: /dʒəʊk /dʒoʊk {verb / noun}
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Sep 16, 2011
Limassol, Cyprus
Actually, the alpha logo after switching off the camera was a MUST and needed a firmware upgrade...
Sometimes I think these big corporations are taking us end-users for a big ride

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