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    Hi all,
    which of the nex alpha cameras can be used as real bracketing tools? My nex camera in bracketing mode only takes three shots with 0.7 ev which is very limiting. I can still shoot hdr with 6 shots but this only gives jpeg files and not raw files that I can process my self.

    At the same time my body does not allow any remote control and thus even if I use a tripo for doing the bracketing shoots manually, I would always introduce movement as I try to change the shutter speed....

    What d we have in the arsenal?

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    Jan 19, 2014
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    Which body do you have exactly?
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    A don't know which body you have, but my 5T will allow for +/- 2.0 EV auto bracketing. You are still limited to 3 exposures automatically. You are correct about the remote control if you are using and IR remote. As for your point about movement with manual adjustments, I would say if you are using a stable tripod, making ev adjustments should not cause significant movement. At least none that cannot be handled by your bracketing software. If this really is an issue, and you have a smartphone or tablet, you can install the Sony remote app. That app will allow you to change camera settings and fire the shutter without going near the camera.
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    thanks for the answer. So the solution seems to be then the remote app.
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