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BlackRapid Curve Breathe Camera Sling


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Nov 2, 2014
For the past four years I’ve been using an inexpensive Altura sling for my APS-C camera. I‘m glad I did as it convinced me that I like slings, but it had some design issues so I wanted to upgrade. I debated between the Peak Design Slide Lite and BlackRapid Curve Breathe. They both seem well designed and suited to my purposes and APS-C gear.

I ended up deciding on the BlackRapid, as it seems better suited to hiking. The Peak Design would be great for urban shooting. I may eventually end up with both. My only issue is that the rubber on the camera attachment slightly interferes with closing the screen all the way, but that’s more of a gripe with the camera design than with the attachment, and it doesn’t seem to create a problem. Other than that, it’s a pleasure to use for birding—very well designed. I always use the safety strap, which is now included with the product.

Here are URLs for the BlackRapid Curve Breathe


…the Peak Design Slide Lite

…and the Altura strap.

I’ve got no relationship to the manufacturers. I’m just trying to help others.
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