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Black or silver lens


TalkEmount Rookie
Sep 6, 2011

At the moment Sony offers the 5 and 3-series of bodies in black and silver, and the 7-series in black only. The lenses are (for the most part) only offered in one colour though, either black or silver. Black seems to be reserved for "pro" lenses (CZ, G). The exception to this is the "exclusive" kit lens offered with the Nex 7, normally silver, black with the Nex 7.

If you had the choice, would you have preferred lenses in the same colours as the bodies? I'm not talking the more exotic white bodies, but the main bblack/silver ones. Personally I would prefer to see an all-black setup: black body, black lens, black EVF, black flash.


TalkEmount Regular
Aug 10, 2011
Black for me. Uhm, black and White are not colours there shades.

Cheers, Macjim.

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